Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just Let It Go

I have the problem of holding onto my anger. Sometimes it’s just because I feel I have a right to be angry at someone. They hurt me, were unfair to me and I’m entitled to my anger, right?

What I’ve realized is that the only thing that my anger accomplishes is draining all my energy out of me, making it harder to reach my own goals and take care of my responsibilities. It holds me back from accomplishing the things important to me, like my school work, maintaining my friendships, sports, my faith, and my blog.

I’ve learned to think of it this way: I need to forgive others, just like I want them to forgive me. I have no right to be unforgiving of other people’s shortcomings because I don’t like the feeling when others hold my shortcomings against me.

I have a trick that helps me forgive my friends or my family when I’m upset. It’s hard, and I grit my teeth while I do it, but I do it anyway. Every time I think of that particular person, I close my eyes, and pray for God to BLESS THEM. And I mean seriously bless them. I pray for God to bless them in their academics, to bless them financially and to bless them in their friendships. I pray for them to be loved and accepted by the people in their lives.

It’s HARD.

If I’m honest about it, I have to admit that I don’t mean it at first. I have to pray for God to help me mean it. But after a couple days of doing this, it gets easier, until all my anger has gone away and I only feel kindness towards that person.

The result of forgiveness is a huge weight being lifted off my chest. All the time I spent thinking about how I was wronged can be used spending time with my family, getting my schoolwork done and enjoying all the blessings God has given ME.

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